Hair Cuts – Our most popular choice at Connie’s Cutz. Shampoo, conditioning, haircut, and blowout.

Wetdown Cuts – If you are in a hurry, come in for a speedy wetdown cut. No shampooing/conditioning and no blow-drying will mean that you can have the cut you need in far less time.

Shampoo Cuts – Love the luxury of salon shampoos and conditioners? If you would like your hair washed, conditioned and cut opt for one of our shampoo cuts.connies-cutz-services2

Styling – If you want to leave the salon ready to impress, let our stylists work with you to develop your own unique style. Curls? An up-do? Let’s make your hair look amazing.

Smoothing – Tired of wrestling with frizzy hair? Come for Brazilian Blowout with Kenra Smooth. The Kenra smooth system can be applied the same day as a cut and color, can be used for both chemically treated and untreated hair, and will keep your locks silkier and smoother for up to 60 washes! The Kenra system contains no formaldehyde – making it safer than other Brazilian blowout products on the market.

Straightening – Looking for a more permanent straightening solution? We use the Chi Transformation System by Farouk to give you the straight hair you have been craving. Results are permanent. Root growth can be treated in 2-6 months depending on rate of hair growth.

Facial Waxing – Tired of plucking or wincing through home waxing attempts? Allow our stylists to take care of the time-consuming job of maintaining your eyebrows, lips, and/or chin. Quicker, easier, and worth the money!

Highlights – Need an appearance pick-me-up? Connie’s Cutz offers a variety of highlighting options. Halo highlights are placed selectively around the face (generally cover the front quarter of your hair). Half highlights start around the face, proceed backward to the crown of your head, and are typically only on the top layers of the hair. Full highlights cover all sections of your hair including top and bottom layers. (Line of products used?)

Color – If you are looking to cover your graying hair or want a full color change, Connie’s Cutz offers one or two process coloring options including corrective coloring, retouches, and full color.

Brazilian Blowout – will eliminate frizz and give you straightened beautiful hair for up to three months.

Men’s Services

Beard Trims – Come in to Connie’s Cutz to clean up those lines or to select a different beard/mustache style. We offer full beard, goatee, mustache, chin curtain, mutton chop, and any other style you desire. Work with your stylist to develop your own unique look.

 Protein Conditioning Treatments – Sooth your damaged hair with a protein conditioning treatment.

Perms – Want more consistency in your curls? Tired of maintaining straight hair? Perms are back and better than ever. Forget the crimpy, small curl perms – perms can now give your hair the glamorous large curls favored by the celebrities.

Teeth Whitening – need details about the procedure used.


Retail Store – Products include Kenra Smooth and more.